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1st Battalion #rd Marines 1964-1975 -- Veteran's Site

1st Mob Homepage -- 1st Mob Homepage - Welcome to the Internet home of the Alumni of the USAF's 1st AACS Squadron (Mobile) and the 1st Mobile Communications Group.

12th Troop Carrier Squadron Home Page -- This page is dedicated to the airmen who served in the 12th TC SQD. at Rhein Main Air Force Base Frankfurt Germany 1951 to 1954.

13th Bomb Squadron Association (Korea) -- A Korean War US Air Force veterans group site featuring nose art, oral histories, MIAs, pilots, gunners, navigators, B-26s, strike targets and more. Lots of pictures!

47th Bomb Wing

211th Engineering Installation Squadron -- The 211th Mission is to train the EI force to fully support the Nation's C4I needs in war and peace.

390th Strategic Missile Wing Memorial Association -- The 390th Strategic Missile Wing Memorial Association is an organization dedicated to preserve the memory of the 390th SMW and the people that gave a part of their lives to support the mission.

392nd AAF of WWII -- Official Website of the 392nd Bomb group.

435th OMS ENROUTE MX SECTION -- This site is dedicated to those individuals that served with the 435th OMS ENROUTE MX SECTION, Rhein Main AB from its inception in 1968 to 2005. The goal is to link past and present members.

505th Tactical Control Group -- Tactical Air Control in Vietnam and Thailand, 1962 - 1972

601st/615th ACWS -- Our Web Site provides a " Home Base" to former Air Force members of the 601st ACWS, 615th ACWS. We will use the tools of our site to provide Information relative to Locator control, Members Rosters, Reunions schedules, Email addresses and other information of interest to members. Hopefully, our site will be able to get the word out about our organization and create a better sense of community among our members. We'll also include pictures of our work and members.

906 Fighter Group (F-4/F-16) -- This page is dedicated to the thousands that served with the now deactivated 906 Fighter Group (F-4/F-16) based at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 1982-1994.

610thACWSq-Radar Sites-Southern Japan -- While this web site's title indicates its for former 610th ACW Squadron Vets, it really is a gathering place for anyone who served at any of the Southern Japan Early Warning,ADCC, GCI and D/F sites in the years during and after the Korean War, including any units of the 527thACW Gp and the 610th, 618th and 850th ACW Squadrons.

610 MASS Alumni -- This website is dedicated to all personnel who served in the 610 MASS at Yokota AB, Japan.

3973rd CDS Moron Air Base Spain Web Site -- This web site is for all of the Officers, NCO's and Airmen who served with the USAF's 16th Air Force 3973rd Combat Defense SQ, Moron Spain. These pages are to cement the bond that existed for that Air Police SQ from 1957 to 1966 when SAC turned the base over to USAFE.

6911th Radio Group Mobile - Darmstadt, Germany

6913th Radio Squadron Mobile - Bremerhaven, Germany

6917th Security Group (USAFSS), San Vito dei Normanni AS, Italy - 'Welcome To Sunny San Vito' - This little base in the south of Italy, from its opening in 1961 to closing in 1994, was home to the the 'silent warriors'. Alumni database and 500+ photo archive available to members.

6924th Security Squadron, Danang AB, Vietnam

A Military to Civilian Transition Center -- An internet based service that helps officers, enlisted personnel, NCO's, and accompanying/trailing spouses. We have been endorsed by all of the US Military Academies and several other military organizations. Our service is totally free, and unlike placement firms, we do not charge a fee to place someone which could form a barrier to employment. We are a software/database company and license our system to corporations that seek to hire military allowing them unlimited hiring ability.

AeroMed Evac Association -- AMEA is an organization that was formed immediately after a successful first reunion of old Aeromedical Evacuation friends in San Antonio, Texas, in 1989. Since its' start, we've held a Reunion every two years and published a newsletter called CREW ALERT three times a year. Late 1995, a simple Website was created as an experiment and by mid 1997 this Internet Domain was developed and is now sponsored by AMEA for the enjoyment of all AE members.

Air Force Retiree News -- Air Force Retiree News contains information intended for the use of the Air Force retiree community. Although these articles may be applicable to others, they are written and/or edited specifically for the Air Force retiree community which includes Air Force retirees, their family members and surviving spouses of Air Force retirees. Much of this same information is contained in the Afterburner, USAF News for Retired Personnel, which is distributed in January, May and September.

American Retirees Association The American Retirees Association (ARA) is comprised of active, reserve and retired members of the Uniformed Services, male and female, across the United States. It was founded in 1984 for the exclusive purpose of addressing inequities in the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA), Public Law 97-252 (Title 10 USC 1408).

Ammo troops (a.k.a. 461's/2W0's)

AMMS Alumni. -- For all Hound Dog and Quail Missile troops to look up friends or just reminisce a little bit.

APO/FPO Locator -- Locate Military Post Offices World Wide

Ardmore Army Air Field/Ardmore Air Force Base -- In honor the men and women who served at the Ardmore Army Air Field (1942-46) and Ardmore Air Force Base (1953-1959).

Association of Air Force Missileers -- a 2500 members nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the history of USAF missile systems and the people who served with them, recognizing outstanding missileers, keeping missileers informed, encouraging meetings and reunions and providing a central point of contact for missileers.

B-52 Stratofortress Association's Web Site -- The B-52 Stratofortress Association is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of this magnificent airplane and the men and women who designed, tested, built, maintained and admired her in three wars - two hot and one cold.

Bovingdon Bunch Association -- The Bovingdon Bunch Association is a duly registered veterans organization representing U.S. Air Force Members stationed at RAF Bovingdon England for the periods 1949-1962. The Association also welcomes Air Force members who served in the London area including Bushy Park, South Ruislip and Denham Studios. Bovingdon is located 28 miles north of London.

C130 Hercules Headquarters -- Welcome to the C-130 Hercules Headquarters. This unofficial site is dedicated to the mighty Herk and all those who fly and maintain this venerable multi-talented aircraft.

Chief Chat Web Site -- Welcome to the Barksdale AFB Chief Chat Web Site. For over twenty years we have enjoyed the camaraderie of the Retired Chief Master Sergeant community.

Clark Air Base Scrapbook

CommTroop.net is for current, retired, or former United States Air Force ground communicators of all ranks and AFSC's. This includes military and civilians on duty in the US Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command, or Air National Guard. U.S. Air Force Ground Communications Units typically include Base Communications, Engineering-Installation, and Combat Communications.

Danang 366th SPS K-9 -- This site is dedicated to all the handlers and dogs that served in Vietnam and especially those handlers and dogs that did not return home. We are forever grateful of your supreme sacrifice.

Duke Field Veterans -- A simple list of military personnel who are/were stationed at Duke Field, Eglin AFB AUX, FL.

EiJoe.com -- This site is dedicated to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

Ernest Harmon Air Force Base -- In early March 1941 construction began for Stephenville Army Air Base. In June 1941 the name was officially changed to Ernest Harmon Air Base, it was named after Captain Ernest Emery Harmon, an Army Air Corps pilot who was killed during a test flight in 1933.

Fighter Crewchief Web Site This site dedicated to all the U.S. Air Force fighter crewchiefs around the world.

G.I. MEMORIES -- Veterans' Information Interchange

GIsearch -- America's Most Comprehensive Military Search Locate lost friends and family, keep in touch with fellow service members, research the history and valor of past generations, and honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Hahn Air Base... -- The place we once called... "home"! Welcome to our little place on the web. Where we share our memories of that wonderful (or for some not so wonderful) place we once called "home"....Hahn Air Base, Germany.

Handicapped Veterans Association -- HVA helps local veterans with nursery stock, veteran's benefits, and anything else we can help with. We are hoping to branch out and help more veterans by setting up a retreat.

Hessisch Oldendorf Air Force Base -- This site is dedicated to all the lads & lasses who were stationed at the Hessisch Oldendorf Air Force base in Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany including the 600th Tactical Control Group (TCG) Hessisch Air Station, 609th Tactical Control Squadron (TCS) Bad Muender, 619th & 629th Tactical Control Flights (TCF) Schwelentrup.

K-14, home to the 11th, 12th, and 6166th TAC Reconnaissance squadrons.

Kilroy Was Here -- "The most comprehensive and readable WWII and Korean war site on the web."

Kitchen Table Gang - The Kitchen Table Gang is a rag-tag bunch of military retirees trying to make life a little more pleasant for our hospitalized veterans, some of whom are long-term patients that really don't have much to do while they are in a VA or military medical facility and at times it can be really bleak and boring. Often the "long-term" care patients don't have any family or friends nearby.

MilitaryConnection.com – For Government jobs, up-to-date information on military schools, federal jobs, as well as military loans and military pay at Military Connection.com. Our online directory of resources and information features vital information on everything military and includes a Directory of Employers with links to over 7500 top employers Brats Online -- Military Brats Online is dedicated to linking brats everywhere with their past, friends, family and heritage. U.S. Military links, reunion announcements, alumni information and more!

Military Brats Online -- Military Brats Online is dedicated to linking brats everywhere with their past, friends, family and heritage. U.S. Military links, reunion announcements, alumni information and more!

Mobile Military Radar -- This web site is dedicated to presenting historical, technical and operational information as well as links to Mobile Military Radar Unit web sites.

National Association For Uniformed Services -- No other national military related organization represents so broad a spectrum of interests. We bring together the diverse concerns, needs and resources of all the services, branches, grades and components, active duty, retired, National Guard, reserve, other veterans, spouses, survivors and all Americans who support our interests into a strong, unified legislative force!

Navy Locator Service "DeckLog" -- DeckLog is a FREE interactive website designed to help Naval Veterans get in touch with each other. DeckLog is not affiliated with the US Navy, it is run by several Navy veterans and their families, who all served on the same submarine together.

North American Air Defense Radar Museum -- Welcome to the Online Radar Museum. We are a museum, not of physical hardware, electronics, musty old books or other artifacts, but rather a museum of online documents which contain (or will contain) the history of the U.S. Air Force in the defense of the airspace of North America. We never close, you may visit anytime. Please sign our guestbook, and feel free to post questions, notices, etc. in the "Radar Forum" BBS.

NSCFA - Genealogical Society, Research Center, & Online Tree

Officer Candidate School Class 60-A, graduated March 1960 -- Has a reunion on the internet, come and join us.

Pacific Stars and Stripes

RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge News -- Goto Air Bases!

RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge -- This site has about 600+ names of airmen that have served at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge and a few other RAF bases, from the 1950's to the closing in the 1990's.

RAF Sculthorpe Alumni Page -- for the former personnel of RAF Sculthorpe.

RAF Wethersfield 20th Tactical Fighter Wing US Air Force, Wethersfield, Essex, England

RAMEY AFB Historical Association -- This organization is formed to include those who have served and are serving, both men & women, at the former Ramey AFB, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Retired - US Air Force -- Links to lots of other military sites.

Retired Air Force Intelligence Personnel

SAC Elite Guard -- This site is dedicated to those individuals that served on the "SAC Elite Guard" Offutt AFB from its inception in 1957 to present. The goal is to link past and present members and to chronicle the history of this group of Security Policemen.

SampsonVets -- Is dedicated to all military vets (Navy and AF) who went through basic training at Sampson in the years between 1942 and 1956 when the base was closed.

South Ruislip -- If anyone was stationed at South Ruislip at any time you may be interested to visit this site. This page has a message board you can use to try to trace old friends.

SquadronExec.com -- A resource for Air Force personnel needs. This includes not only active duty members but also guard, reserves, civilians, dependents, and retired members. It is a directory of useful sites frequently used and frequently visited by Air Force members.

Strategic Air Command Web Site

Tachikawa Air Base Japan 1945-1977 -- This group is for anyone that was in the US Military, Civilian Workers and Dependants stationed at Tachikawa Air Base.

Tan Son Nhut Association -- This association for all military and civilian employees who were assigned to or came through Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, 1959-1975.

THE 1970s CLARK AIR BASE K-9 HOMEPAGE: This site is dedicated to Military Working Dog Handlers stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines during the mid to late 1970s.

The EC-47 History Site: Dedicated to the preservation of the History of the EC-47, The Mission and The People of the 360th TEWS, 361st TEWS, 362nd TEWS and the 6994th Security Squadron and all it's Detachments, who made up the mission. The Mission ran from Mid-1966 through May 15, 1974.

The Kitchen Table Gang -- The Kitchen Table Gang is a "rag-tag" bunch of military types trying to make life a little more pleasant for our hospitalized veterans and our troops overseas.

The Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia (TLC) Brotherhood

The Unofficial USAF Vehicle Operators Web Site: I have put this page together so former and present Vehicle Operators can locate friends, and keep up to date on what's been going on. It will only be successful if you contribute.

Unofficial Crew Chief Page -- Our page is dedicated to Crew Chiefs of all aircraft and all services of the United States.

US Radar Sites Iceland

U.S. Air Force Lost and Found Listings -- This section is a World Wide Web Vietnam Veteran Location Service. The purpose of this section is to help other Veterans and friends of Vietnam Veterans locate Veterans and others who served in Vietnam during the war years.

USAF Aircraft maintainers of the U-2 and SR-71 -- The Unofficial Web Site for Past and Present U-2/SR-71 Maintainers

USAFSS Misawa Family -- is a public website intended as a companion to and an extension of the www.USAFSSinMisawa.org members-only website headed by Helen Henderson. If you served in Misawa on Security Hill (aka 1st Radio, aka The Hill) during any period and find this site to be of interest, you can discover so much more on www.USAFSSinMisawa.org. There is no cost to join the site.

USAF Tops In Blue and Tops In Blue priors web site: http://www.tibpriors.org/


VETS-- VETSĀ® is a private veterans program that provides all veterans and their families with information about outfit reunions, helps locate old buddies and offers other special consumer benefits and services

wiredawg.net-- Serving the 2E6XX community of the US Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard

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