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The Unofficial United States Air Force
E-mail Locator

Maintained By: Charles F. Jones, MSgt (Ret.)

This site is for locating Past, Present, & Retired USAF Members.

I started this web page on 1 Jan 1996. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It takes several hours every week to update the page with new listings. Every once in awhile I receive a note from someone who has found a lost friend or family member and that makes all my hard work worthwhile.

Individuals submitted all information listed on this site. If an e-mail address, Rank, etc, is in error it is because that person did not submit an update.

I reserve the right to delete any posting.

NOTE:  Some people do not want to be found. If you know the person being sought on the Lost & Found page, contact them and let them correspond with the seeker.

If you see any errors on any of these web pages, Please notify me.

Hope you are lucky and find a friend here today.

Charlie Jones
e-mail:       webmaster@usaf-locator.com
AOL IM:  CJones FL